Health Nutz

Project Info:

This was the 1st e-commerce website that I developed for a chain of nutrition stores in the Charlotte, NC area. I used joomla for the cms and virtuemart as the e-commerce engine along with multiple api’s spanning UPS,, Google Maps and many more. It also included ssl encryption and certification. The client was more than happy with the outcome and the website served them well for close to 6 years with little to no operational issues. It’s a great company and I am happy to have helped them achieve this goal.

Note:This was a never say quit project that opened my eyes to the world of possibilities in open source code. While I’m sure there’s money to be made in support and custom built templates, I respect and appreciate all of the contributors to open source code such as joomla and virtuemart. It’s a true community that fosters the spread of knowledge and possibilities on a global scale.

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  • Created by: Patrick Sills Creative
  • Launched:March 2010
  • Client: HealthNutz